Services 1 KES’ consulting process and project approach has been developed and fine-tuned over 16 years working as an engineer and project manager on a variety of projects, which include bridges, roads and highways.
Services 1 By operating in an integrated fashion with the entire project team and project owners, we have developed a highly organized and systematic approach to utility coordination, with an emphasis on high levels of communication and quality control.
Services 1 Our contribution to roadway project teams is simple: We prevent project delays and conflicts by thoroughly examining, researching and identifying the utilities through every stage of planning, design and construction.


  • Coordination of locating underground utilities
  • Identification of overhead utilities
  • Coordination of surveyors for the accurate capture of utility information
  • Liaison among project and utility owners
  • Assembling facility maps of utilities in project area
  • Review of final design plans, to identify potential utility conflicts
  • Coordination of potholing to determine exact location and depth of underground utilities where necessary
  • Coordinating with utility companies to develop relocation plans when necessary
  • Managing utility coordination during construction phase